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We are not affiliated with Johnny Depp. We do not have contact with Johnny Depp his family, agent or production company. Please do not post private pictures of Johnny Depp or his family on this forum.

 Only upload photos that are either set picture, on location, magazine articles or photoshoots, do not upload private pictures or family pictures of Johnny or his family.

 There is no point in asking personal questions about Johnny we only answer questions about his movies. We are not experts we can only tell you what we have heard or may know.

 When embedding video or pictures please make sure you use common sense. Do not embed videos that may offend other people.

 Please do not use launguage that may offend. Think before you speak. If a post is flagged as offensive then it will be taken down.

 If you are not sure where to post then post it Fan News Network  and we will move it to the right place for you.


 We have been asked that you please respect copyright do not upload Scripts or Books to this forum
www.JohnnyDeppNews.Com "Only people who truly understand his art can see who he becomes through his roles".

If you have any questions or need to report abuse then please Post Your Message Here
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