Please Do Not Post Private Pictures Of Johnny Depp

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Please Do Not Post Private Pictures Of Johnny Depp

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Please remember Johnny does not have to stop and chat with fans after filming but he does and he allows us to take pictures during filming. So please show respect for his private time by not posting private pictures.

To clarify what is allowable: - anything taken during filming, premiere, charitable or public events will be allowed. Any fan who has had their picture taken with Johnny will be allowed.

Questions regarding pictures of Johnny's tattoos: - we have been asked by members if they could post pictures of Johnny's Tattoos - this was allowed providing it only showed Johnny's tattoos.

Administrators will monitor the forum and any picture deemed by us to be private will be removed from this forum by the forum administrator. Our decision is final.

Thanks for listening..


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Re: Please Do Not Post Private Pictures Of Johnny Depp

Thanks for update.
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